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Behind the scenes on a fashion shoot (models wearing GAP styles)_


Disabilities Redefined with Dr. Vaigneur  is a New York based talk show featuring a variety of guests ranging from beauty queens to athletes, actors to scientist, runway models to writers, all of which are very successful, articulate and intelligent, and just happen to be disabled. Additionally, the show also features advocates, politicians, educators, artists, film makers, and therapists who are using their skills and talents to benefit the disabled population as allys .


Hosted by Dr. Truett Lee Vaigneur, Jr. the show is lively and entertaining with humor, stimulating conversation, and a little dash of glamour and excitement on set. As Dr. Vaigneur says, "We are breaking down social stigmas and barriers by having a blast on every show - disability is not a bad word at all. We celebrate it on our set!"  


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